Sirius Colour Filter No. 23 A Light Red

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Sirius Colour Filter No. 23 A Light Red
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  • For 1.25" eyepieces

  • Polar regions and Cloud belts of Saturn and Jupiter

  • Surface Maria and plains on Mars

  • Sky/planet contrast for Mercury and Venus

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Since Lunar and Planetary surface details and atmospheric phenomena reflect sunlight as contrasting colors, you can use color filters to accentuate subtle details for planets, comets, and the Moon by selectively increasing contrast between features and markings of different hues.

By using various colour filters, you can make planetary detail easier to see, and also by stacking multiple filters to combine filtration effects, you can get unique results.

The filters screw on to the thread at the bottom of an eyepieces. They can also be used with filter wheels and/or filter sliders for quick and convenient swapping during viewing sessions to compare differently filtered views.

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Size 1.25"
Light transmission 25%
Colour Light Red

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