QHY Polemaster (EQ6-R, NEQ6, AZ-EQ6, CGEM)

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QHY Polemaster (EQ6-R, NEQ6, AZ-EQ6, CGEM)
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PoleMaster - Includes adapter for NEQ6, AZ-EQ6, EQ6-R Mounts.

The QHY PoleMaster is a modern solution to an age-old problem. With only a few simple, easy-to-follow steps you can achieve perfect polar alignment in minutes, with an accuracy of up to 30 arc seconds! 

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How does it work?

Polar alignment sounds simple enough. You find where the pole is,  determine the mechanical axis of rotation of your mount, then make the two coincide.

PoleMaster makes use of a sensitive wide field imaging camera along the axis of RA to monitor the polar region in real time. From the positions of these stars PoleMaster determines the position of the true pole and compares that to the mechanical axis of RA rotation. Polar alignment is now a simple matter of moving the two centres of rotation so they overlap. Easy!

Why is Polemaster so good?

  • Speed and convenience: No need to move the telescope to specific place to unblock the polar scope. No need to kneel or crick your neck to see through a polar scope. No need for fully dark adapted eyesight. No need to level your mount and no need to enter the date and time in your handset then figure out where to rotate the mount to coincide with the current pole star position.
  • Accuracy: PoleMaster's sensitive camera can achieve accuracy not achievable with naked eye. The camera's 30 arc second resolution means the best polar alignment that can be achieved by PoleMaster, in the order of 30 arc seconds. 
  • Wide angle view of the polar region: A wide field view of 11x8 degree makes it easy to locate the pole star.
  • Easy to install: PoleMaster can be easily installed onto any equatorial mount through mount-specific adapters, even on mounts without polar scope.
  • Real time polar alignment checking / adjustment: Using PoleMaster you can monitor your polar alignment in real time. In the event that polar alignment is lost, you can bring it back quickly and easily without starting from scratch.
  • Three star alignment is no longer needed: Once you are polar aligned, you only need to perform a one star alignment - a real time saver.
  • Perfect companion to single axis mounts: When used with single (RA-only) axis mount, good polar alignment will minimise drift in the DEC axis therefore maximising the performance of your mount.

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