Orion Deluxe 6 Piece Optics Cleaning Kit

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Orion Deluxe 6 Piece Optics Cleaning Kit
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  • A compact kit of essential cleaning supplies safe for telescope and eyepiece optics

  • Retractable Ultra Brush gently removes dust particles with super-soft synthetic bristles

  • Small can of compressed air helps remove large particles without scratches

  • Lens-grade cleaning tissue and multi-coated optics cleaning fluid work together to keep optical lenses sparkling

  • Optics-friendly cotton swabs help reach hard-to-clean surfaces

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Make your dusty old telescope and telescope eyepieces good as new with the Orion Deluxe 6-Piece Optics Cleaning Kit. This compact kit contains everything you need to care for and preserve the optical surfaces of your telescope, binoculars, telescope eyepieces, Barlow lenses and other accessories. Your gear will sparkle like new and your views will be clear and bright. 

All the included optical cleaning items come packaged in a handy and compact plastic storage case. Don’t trouble yourself trying to locate scattered cleaning gear, get the Orion Deluxe 6-Piece Optics Cleaning Kit and you’ll have everything you need to keep your astronomy equipment nice and clean, all in one convenient case!

The Orion Deluxe 6-Piece Optics Cleaning Kit includes: 

Ultra Brush Dust Remover

Super-soft synthetic bristles whisk away dust and dirt particles smoothly without scratching optical surfaces. Bristles pop out or retract with just a twist of the tiny tube. 

Dust Pro Compressed Air

Removes dust and dirt from telescope and telescope eyepiece lenses without contacting the surface.

Multi-Coated Optics Cleaning Fluid

A specially formulated cleaning fluid that safely removes harmful oil, fingerprints, grime buildup, and dirt from all coated optical surfaces with a lower percentage of back-scattering reflectance than standard cleaning solutions.

Two Booklets of Premium-Grade Lens Tissue
Soft, clean, lint-free tissues designed expressly for cleaning delicate optical surfaces. Two booklets of 25 lens tissue sheets. These premium tissues are ideal for use with Multi-Coated Optics Cleaning Fluid.

Ten Cotton Swabs
Ten handy cotton-tipped swabs help clean hard-to-reach places. Especially useful for cleaning telescope eyepiece lenses, Barlow lenses, and binocular eyepieces.

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Ultra brush dust remover
VariAir 2000 compressed air
Orion Multi-Coated optics cleaning fluid
Orion Lens tissue booklets
Cotton swabs

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